Obama on Israel Gaza Conflict

By Beth Shaw

Barack Obama speaks out on the Israel Gaza conflict? No. Are you kidding!?! Of course not. Read about his reaction and the reaction of others to his reaction below.

The Middle East is exploding. I realize that’s not something that is new, but this particular war is new. Israel finally responded to the constant rocket attacks on Southern Israel by Hamas on December 27th. Last night, during the night, they pushed into Gaza on the ground with tanks and boots on the ground.

All hell has broken loose.

Hamas, predictably, carried on about how they were being picked on by Israel and boasted that they would kill every Jew in the world and renew suicide bombings. Not necessarily in that order. As Israeli troops pushed into Gaza, Hamas started crying foul and saying they never said anything bad about Israelis, they were just joking … haha …. they take it all back. Make those mean ol’ Jews go back to Israel!

Meanwhile, world leaders are weighing in. Surprisingly, even Arab nations have not run to the side of Palistine. Iran being the exception, of course. Egypt has refused to open the border between their two nations, having closed it a year or so ago because they were as tired of being beat up by Hamas as Israel was. Jordan has taken a hands off approach. The European Union has come down on the side of Israel as has California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger! Heh! The White House has taken a hard line stance against the terrorist attacks of Hamas against Israel as part of the Global War on Terrorism.

France has condemned Israel’s self defense. But then … well … that’s France.

And so, the world looked to President-elect Barack Obama to step up to the plate to make a statement. Is he for Israel? Is he for Hamas? Will he stand by his campaign promises? Each side waits and wonders, depending on which group he was talking to and making promises to at any given time. What, what, oh what will the soon to be President do?

And there is silence.

Seriously, does this surprise anyone? This is a man who voted ‘Present’ when any controversial vote was taken during the entire time he was a Illinois State Senator and barely darkened the Halls of Congress while he was a United States Senator. Controversy obviously makes him quite uncomfortable.

You know what they say, avoiding conflict creates unavoidable conflict. Such is the case for Obama. Everyone is getting mad at him for doing nothing. I’m still surprised that his avoidance of controversial issues surprises anyone.

He has sent his people out to tell anyone asking questions that he’s observing and absorbing and studying world events. He’s pondering things. Thinking about it. Looking at it. Well, that makes me feel better! Ha! Then they tell people to back off cause he’s not President yet. Canned statement for every controversial event.

Khaled Meshaal, the leader of the Hamas Islamist movement, is furious. He says Obama didn’t hesitate to make comments about the terrorist attacks on Mumbai, India. Why then does he refuse to comment on what he views as the Israeli aggression on Gaza? He seems to view that as Obama’s support of Israel. See, when you don’t take sides, then every side thinks you are against them. This is something most of us learn on the elementary school playground. But if you are attending the most exclusive and expensive private school in the country as Obama did, I guess you don’t have to worry about playground politics.

Not to worry. Obama is out of sight during this conflict, but that doesn’t mean he’s not working. He still wants needs your money. I got an email from him just today telling me how important it was for me to donate anything I could to his ‘Obama for America’ fund. I don’t know what that fund is being used for. It might be for his offshore accounts for all I know. If you don’t want to donate to his various funds, then you can buy some Obama commemorative stuff that’s for sale everywhere.

For a man that raised more money than any presidential candidate ever, he still seems to need a lot of our money. If not in donations, then by taxing us into poverty.

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